"Profile of a Southern Hibby"

David Livingstone


Name David Livingstone
Birthplace/Date Perth, 1962
Primary School Wardie, Royal High
Secondary School Royal High
First Hibs match Leeds – early 70’s – we gubbed them 0-0, lost 5-4 on penalties – I think Pat Stanton missed the penalty and Billy Bremner scored the 5th for Leeds – was in the old standing area in the main stand. I think the above is right – it was a long time ago. Come to think of it, my father took me to Parkhead for a Hibs match in the 60’s. Finished 1-1. Can’t remember anything else
How long a member of London Hibs 2-3 years??? Can’t remember – you must have the details. Never been to a meeting though (football on a Tuesday)
How did you find out about London Hibs Got talking to a member (can’t remember who) at Easter Road. Also used to work with Dave MacBain.
Favourite all time Hibs Player No doubts…..Pat Stanton (despite that penalty miss). I was gutted I couldn’t make the Burn’s Supper.
Most memorable Game Souness getting sent off (I know it should be on of the League Cup finals, but that was THE most sublime moment I have ever seen in any football match).
How often do you get to games Virtually never. I took my wife to her first ever game, against Kilmarnock last season. Lost 1-0 in the worst game of football I’ve ever seen (and I’ve seen lots of bad ones). Embarrassingly, I have to admit that was the first time I had been to Easter Road since the new stands were built. I never was the kind of supporter who went every week anyway.
When did you leave Scotland? (If applicable) 1986
Why do you live in the South? The money
Favourite English team Don’t really have one. For the first 2 years down here I went to 2 games a week in and around London. At a push I’d have to say West Ham as I lived out that way for a while.
Lowest moment following Hibs? Unfortunately, there seems to have been more lows than highs. It’s a toss up between the merger talks and relegation coupled with Hearts winning the cup last season
Best Hibs goal? That’s a hard one….I’ve seen so few!!!! The ones that stick in the mind are probably the more unusual ones. I seem to remember a match against Motherwell where we had 2 successive shots hitting the bar with Steve Archibald eventually getting it in at the 3rd attempt. My memory may be playing tricks on me again.
What is the best thing about being a Hibby? Difficult to say. I think with our recent record, the negative aspects of being a Hibs supporter come to mind more easily than the positive ones. I suppose it has to be the history of the club….its one thing that can never be taken away. We’ve led the way in many things…other clubs have followed and now left us miles behind.
Proudest moment following Hibs? The league cup win. I found the final a bit flat because we’d already done the hard work in the semi’s and Dunfermline were crap.
How did you become a Hibby? Location. Family moved to Inverleith when I was 1, so I just supported the local team…..and we were a good team in those days. There was no family ties to the club – my father was from Paisley and didn’t really follow football, and my brother is a Rangers supporter!!!!.


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