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I've been getting Seroquel proscribed for insomnia without being warned of the dangers this drug can bring. I'm pretty sure GP surgeries are supposed to provide leaflets with medication to warn of possible side-effects that drugs can have. When I asked for the leaflets I was originally told no but after kicking up a fuss I was given the leaflets and warned not to lose them. I get my medication like a 90 year old does - in a box separated morning / afternoon / night. I wonder how many sleepless nights one can have before doctors act? It's been 4 / 5 weeks since I had a sound sleep.

If I were rich and had no medical history I would quite happily switch to a private healthcare provider as my experience with the NHS is awful.

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  1. staunchhibby's Avatar
    Normally patient information is supplied when the pharmacy dispenses medication
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