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vBulletin4: Issues with older Web Browsers

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There have been a few queries since we upgraded the site to use the newest version of the forum software, vBulletin 4.

These issues mainly revolve around how the board is styled - most notably with older browsers and Internet Explorer 8 Compatability View.

Below are some screenshots to show you the differences.
With older version of Firefox, Internet Explorer and IE8 Compatability View, the site can look like this:

Click image for larger version. 

Name:	postquote-compat.jpg 
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ID:	6337

With the recent versions of Firefox 3.6 and IE8 Compatability View turned off, the site looks as it is intended:
Click image for larger version. 

Name:	postquote-noncompat.jpg 
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ID:	6338

To turn off Compatability View in IE, on the tools menu select 'Compatability View' or select the 'Compatability View' icon to the right of the address bar, beside the 'refesh' icon.

If that option isn't available and you're in an enterprise environment it's possible that your administrator has disabled it.

IE8 has been on general availability for over a year (two years if you ventured into Beta territory!) and Firefox 3.5 for almost a year (3.6 was released in January 2010). We'd always recommend using the latest, stable, version of your favourite browser.
You can select from a range of the latest browsers here:

If you don't want to upgrade to the latest version of your browser why not try a portable version of firefox? Available here you can extract it to a folder or usb drive and run from there.

As always, vBulletin are working on patches and fixes, and we ourselves try to tweak the boards to help you (and other forum admins) enjoy the forums.

We'll keep you updated of any updates and upgrades happening around the boards.


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