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Was Scottish cup win best ever?

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It's just not even up for debate.

I'll settle for re-posting two previous reflections on that glorious day.

Grown men cried for weeks, Gray, 92 became a magic number, Logan, 100 years of pain were washed away, Hanlon, a club was reborn, Fontaine, ordinary men became heroes, Fyvie, there really was Sunshine on Leith, McGeouch, Hibee families had the best parties of their lives, Stevenson, Angels Up Above were remembered and toasted, McGinn, 150,000 Hibernian supporters turned Leith Walk and Leith Links into a human river of green and white, McGregor, football fans all over the globe were in awe of 25,000 fans singing the best club anthem in the world, Stokes, people hugged and cuddled strangers in celebration, Cummings, political leaders of the UK and Scotland congratulated Hibernian, Gunnarrson, Kenny Miller had the class to step into the Hibernian changing room to congratulate the Hibernian players, Henderson, when the Hibs went up to lift the Scottish Cup we were there, Keatings, we stood for the entire game without noticing it, Stubbs, people prayed, Edinburgh saw one of the longest and most peaceful set of street parties it has ever had, 1,000,000 didn't become a magic number, #weargreen worked, it was a Time for Heroes, their defence was terrified because Stokesy was on fire, Hibee love was in the air, there was a harp back on the stand and Trainspotting 2 was being made, we Hibsed it 3-2, the emotion was indescribable, tattooists ran out of green ink, wee boys and girls went proudly into school as winners, we were on our way from misery to happiness that day, we had McGinn - super John McGinn I just don't think they understood, it was the 21st day in May of 2016, we had a younger team and while we didn't want to brag - we just wanted to say that the Scottish Cup was in the bag, Pat Stanton watched Hibernian win the Scottish Cup, nothing else mattered, we lived redemption and joy, as the Cup was lifted it was "At last, at last, at last", like Japanese soldiers in the jungle there were Hibees out celebrating long long after it was all over, everyone one of us always remembered exactly where we were when Hibernian won the Cup, we did finally win it and when we did we earned it the hard way - clean and fair, it was the greatest game in history and up in heaven they were giein the ba' tae Reilly.

It really was Glory Glory to the Hibees.

I don't think a film script could match the story. Over 100 years of waiting, relegated, the butt of jokes for every other club in the country, failing to get promotion while our city rivals won the league, getting to the final the hard way and beating Hearts on the way and the media expectation that we were turning up for the coronation of The Rangers on their return to the top league. Then a game where we take the lead, lose it and fall behind to set the stage for our inevitable collapse. Only to draw level and then the Hibernian Captain - the Captain for God's sake - scores two minutes into added time, at our end of the ground, to finally win the cup.

The Silence of the Yams is testament to the strength and depth of its impact. It will never be surpassed.
Possibly the best post I've ever read on Hibs Net! Many congrats & my sincere thanks!

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