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    Published on 13-01-2015 12:01 AM

    Shareholders will begin receiving details of the club's share offer through the post later today. The offer is strictly regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and we don't want you, or hibs.net, getting into trouble! ...
    Published on 14-10-2014 08:30 PM
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    Dnipro Appeal Charity Dinner 23rd October 2014

    If you haven't yet ordered tickets and would like to attend - and after reading this article I'm pretty sure you'll not want to miss out - then please get in touch as soon as possible to book your tickets.

    If you have pre-ordered tickets then please get in touch to confirm your booking and payment details.

    This year's Charity Dinner will be held next Thursday, the 23rd of October, at the Award Winning 4 Star George Hotel (voted Events Hotel of the Year at the 2014 Scottish ...
    Published on 17-08-2014 08:00 AM
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    Malcolm, hibs.net's resident cartoonist, celebrates Mark Oxley's first goal...

    Published on 29-05-2014 09:15 PM
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    In response to the club's statement on Thursday 29th May the Hibs.net Admin team would like to reiterate the point made regarding Rod Petrie's continued involvement at board level. ...
    Published on 17-03-2014 10:00 AM
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    Malcolm, hibs.net's resident cartoonist, presents his portrayal of Sam who seems to be the only Hibs player with any real bite at the ...
    by Published on 18-02-2014 08:41 PM

    Football fans the world over complain about refereeing decisions and we all understand that a referee has the thankless task of using his judgement to interpret the rules. We know that referees are subject to review and their performances are scrutinised by an observer subjectively using their experience and knowledge but also, objectively, using statistics to analyse decisions. If the review is done on a match per match basis and the overall, cumulative, statistics are not taken into consideration then particular decisions, which may, on review, have been seen to be wrong, might be dismissed as judgement call errors on the day or excused away but statistical evidence over a longer period should not be discounted. Presumably, if a referee were to consistently be seen to make mistakes in his judgement then something would be done to correct this situation. If it is the case that, when the statistics are taken into account, a bias is highlighted, then at what point does this trigger some kind of investigation?
    Published on 31-12-2013 09:40 PM
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    Malcolm, hibs.net's resident cartoonist, serves up some Hibeemite...


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