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  • hibs.net response to the club's statement of 29th May

    In response to the club's statement on Thursday 29th May the Hibs.net Admin team would like to reiterate the point made regarding Rod Petrie's continued involvement at board level. We are in no doubt that his presence will hamper Leeann Dempster's attempts to engage with the support when she takes up the role of CEO next week. It doesn't matter how many times she tells us that she has full control, and that Rod Petrie is not offering any guidance, as a large section of the support simply won't believe that.

    While Rod Petrie remains on the board it will be extremely difficult for Leeann to achieve the season ticket sales and sponsorships required to fund the club's push to get out of the Championship at the first time of asking, and that has to be the number one priority for everyone connected with Hibernian FC. Rod Petrie should recognise this himself and step down with immediate effect.

    The admin team is confident that the vast majority of the site's users agree with this view.

    The admin team did not receive a reply to the e-mail sent to the club on 27th May. We will write to Leann Dempster when she starts on Monday to make the same point and will ask for her reply.

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    1. NAE NOOKIE's Avatar
      NAE NOOKIE -
      My thoughts exactly
    1. GreenLake's Avatar
      GreenLake -
      He should also donate his shareholding to Kicks for Kids at his exit interview.
    1. Ringothedog's Avatar
      Ringothedog -
      Let's hope that he listens but I will not hold my breath.
    1. Leith_Hibee's Avatar
      Leith_Hibee -
      I'd rather he helped LeeAnn settle in and then move on.
    1. Hibby Gav's Avatar
      Hibby Gav -
      Well put......there is a lot of work to be done, Leeann must be given and be seen to be given complete control.
      lets get back to being classy Hibs !
    1. Greenheart's Avatar
      Greenheart -
      I think it is a big disrespectful to suggest that supporters would think that she would lie about Petries involvement. If he steps down who will STF and RP install as they hold the shares that count? Maybe Ken Lewandowski would come back.
    1. happiehibbie's Avatar
      happiehibbie -
      we really need to use facts not throw flippant figures around could we not get the info from hibs and ask for a proper vote ST holders when they vote give you there ticket number. then when we go to the board we have FACT
    1. yeezus.'s Avatar
      yeezus. -
      very well said indeed
    1. Sudds_1's Avatar
      Sudds_1 -
      100% correct
    1. Winston Ingram's Avatar
      Winston Ingram -
      I emailed the board about a refund on next seasons ST in March. They finally got back to me at the end of April after i chased them 4 times.
    1. emerald green's Avatar
      emerald green -
      Fully agree. Well said again, and thank you.
    1. niloc1875's Avatar
      niloc1875 -
      u can shout till your blue in the face petrie will not budge but we can get rid of butcher got to get j.c. back to play the hibs way and do our best to help the team we love to get back to the top were we belong
    1. hhibs's Avatar
      hhibs -
      Any response from the club on this.In particular any direct response to the copy sent to LD?

      Sorry if it is just me missing it if indeed there was a response.

    1. Phil D. Rolls's Avatar
      Phil D. Rolls -
      Any response from the club yet?
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