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    Threads on dot net, asking why you support Hibs, often throw up a response along the lines of Ė my Dad or some other family member. Sometimes thereís additional information that fans have Irish roots. My own story doesnít have any of those links as I had no family that supported Hibs and I have no Irish roots. Instead, I became a Hibby thanks to the good will and kindness of my friendís Dad.

    I was very young and played football at the local park with a variety of friends who supported differing teams. Hibs, Hearts, Rangers and Celtic were all represented and I guess I could have ended up supporting any of them. Thankfully, my palís Dad realised this and ensured that I would become part of the Hibernian family by taking me to a match at Easter Road, where the first sight of that wonderful emerald green and white jersey was the beginning of a lifelong love.

    Iím into my sixth decade as a supporter now and the older I get, the more fascinated I become with the history of our great club. For that and a number of other reasons I am eternally grateful to Alan Lugton whose trilogy ĎThe Making of Hibernianí offers an incredible insight into the humble beginnings of Hibernian FC. Of course if youíve read the books then youíll know exactly what Iím talking about but if you havenít I cannot encourage you enough to do so. If youíre a proud Hibby already, youíll be even prouder once youíve read Lugtonís books.

    As a fan, I was moved by the fact that Hibernian had such a tough start in life. It seemed that the establishment disapproved of this young up and coming club. I could go into great detail to explain that but as I say Ė read and learn! Instead, I want to focus on one of the many reasons I am proud to support Hibernian FC.

    From the day the club was founded, it embarked on a journey that would be long and difficult but nonetheless Hibernian would ensure that needy charities benefitted from its existence. As it strove to gain recognition in a world where the footballing authorities were less than welcoming, it played football matches all over the central belt and a number of charitable institutions were the better off for it. Ironically, given that religion and nationality were the reasons why Hibs found obstacles every way they turned, it didnít matter to the club what religion the needy were with gate monies donated far and wide, wherever the need was great.

    To give to those who would otherwise not have is to me a cornerstone of our great club and one that has endured down the years, to the present day. Funds donated by Hibs fans are being used to provide the opportunity for kids, who would otherwise not have that opportunity, to attend matches at Easter Road. For me, that is fans like you and I carrying on the great ethos of Hibernian FC.

    Dot Net already has itís Kicks for Kids set up and more recently, Leith Links has been created to allow fans to offer up a monthly sum or one off donation to allow the purchase of more season tickets for these kids to use. By making my monthly donation I feel I am kind of replicating what my friendís Dad did for me in giving a kid the opportunity to fall in love with that wonderful green and white jersey, while carrying on the traditions of the club.

    I hope after reading this you will feel inclined to help carry on the traditions of our great club. Any monthly sum would be welcome as the funds accumulate to allow purchase of more Kicks for Kids tickets. You can find out all about it by following this link... Leith Links

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    1. FranckSuzy's Avatar
      FranckSuzy -
      Thank you very much for this fantastic article, John. You are most certainly Hibs class.
    1. stu in nottingham's Avatar
      stu in nottingham -
      From little acorns...

      The reasons you give for feeling so moved to support Hibs due to the clubs origins are mirrored by me John..

      Nice article as always, thanks very much my friend.

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