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    Colin Calderwood’s first game (and defeat) in charge of Hibernian, Colin Nish’s ability to marry two of his better known abilities – falling on his backside and scoring goals, social networking, drunken punch-ups (the fans, rather than the players for a nice change), sick-day films, and hounding officials make up this week’s The Third Eye review of the last week on hibs.net.

    Welcome to Hibernian…
    Colin Calderwood’s first game in charge could hardly have gone worse, and the reaction to the display was as vociferous as it was unforgiving. Most would agree that having had a couple of days to prepare his side, Calderwood escaped without much flack. However, criticism did crop up here and there, before the Hibs.net massive leapt to his defence…


    Colin Nish
    Defeat to Aberdeen last Saturday placed the whole team under the microscope as pretty much anyone that featured for Hibs came in for some hefty and probably justified criticism. Nobody took more of the flak than Colin Nish. A Hibs fan himself, Colin splits opinions across the support and generates healthy debate, see how a thread on the severity of Nish’s injury veers off into a heated discussion on his ability to see how big that opinion split is.


    The Old Firm
    Though many of us see them as two cheeks of the same arse, few would deny that the Old Firm matches generate a huge amount of interest across the Scottish game. Usually filled with controversy, last weekend’s match was no exception. Willie Collum put himself in the firing line by awarding a dubious looking penalty, but Celtc’s reaction to the decision caused some debate here.


    A good way of keeping in touch, or a forum for saddos to pretend they’re popular? Facebook is in the media spotlight following the release of the film Social Network and it brought about an interesting discussion on The Holy Ground. Incidentally, you can join the hibs.net Facebook page


    Knocked Out
    Nope, not a thread lamenting our CIS Insurance Cup progress, but an amusing look at what happens when your mouth writes cheques your body can’t cash…


    Throwing a sickie?
    What do you watch when you phone in sick for work? If you want an alternative to Jeremy Kyle, Trisha, or Come Dine With Me, check this thread out for an alternative. Why not add your own choice on there ,too?

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