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  • The Third Eye

    The current Hibs squad, old competitions, ticket prices and the national anthem make up this week's Third Eye on the forum.

    Hibs' Squad What do you think of our current first team squad? Do these players have the skill, mind-set and desire to help Hibs climb the league? Are we really good enough, at the moment, to challenge for a top 4 place again? With the exception of a few, it's pretty much the same bunch that got us 4th place and a European tie. Are they currently underachieving and will the presence of a new boss bring out the best in them? Read the discussion here...


    Tennents Sixes

    A 6-a-side competition that ran from 1984 to 1993 involving Scottish clubs and played early in the year. Hibs won the trophy in 1990. The games were generally fast-flowing and exciting with lots of goals. Would the managers of today allow a team to be involved in such a tournament today, what with the risk of injury to the cotton-wool-wrapped lads? It was good seeing the players of the time take part in something different from the week-to-week league duty. Do you remember it?...


    Ticket Prices

    Are ticket prices too costly? Would a reduction mean more supporters turning up? If so would there be enough to justify a cut? What would the cut need to be to balance the current income to the club and would the fact of a larger support bring benefit to the players by being more vocal or noisy to create a better atmosphere?
    The Scotland Under 21 match at Easter Road were priced at 10 for adults and 2 for under 18s and concessions and the attendance was 12,000+. Was it the novelty of having International football at the recently completed stadium enough to lure a large crowd or was it a combination of event and seat price?...


    Flower of Scotland

    It's our national anthem but do you like it? Dirge or rousing? Blah or tear-jerking? It was written as a folk song and as such it's OK. It was gradually adopted as an unofficial anthem and when it's sung occasionally, it's fine. But a national anthem? Do we really want to keep harking back to old battle victories over England when we're playing the likes of Brazil at football? What are the alternatives? Highland Cathedral? Scotland the Brave? Do you care?...

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