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    The departure of club manager John Hughes and the speculation over a new boss dominate the main message board this week and 'The Third Eye' is no different.

    Cheerio Yogi
    So it's cheerio to Yogi. Although the majority of Hibs fans eventually took the view that Mr Hughes' time in charge was up, there were still a few who believed he didn't get enough time to turn things around. 4 wins in the last 28 matches were a good indication that things were going badly for Hibernian Football Club but how much of the bad form was down to Yogi and what percentage the fault of the players not performing to their capabilities? Did he 'lose the dressing room' as the well-worn phrase goes? Was he a bully who caused the players to silently revolt by underperforming? Some of the theories of what went wrong under Hughes' tender can be read in the 'Dear john Hughes' thread...


    Silly season

    Some of the names put forward by hibs.net posters for the new manager border on the ridiculous. Some are fishing for bites, some playing it for laughs, some are deluded and some tricked into posting by friends, relations and enemies.
    Potential returning incumbents have been put forward for discussion - would you or would you not take them back? Men such as John Collins and Tony Mowbray have been mentioned but do we really want someone with previous Hibs connections or do we want to go in a different direction altogether?
    Read the new Manager mega Thread here...


    Steve Clarke?

    One name in the frame for the recently vacated Hibs hot seat that seems more plausible than some is Scotsman Steve Clarke, ex-assistant at Chelsea FC and West Ham United. He's had some success as number two so is it time to take a step-up to a managerial role? A good way to cut his teeth at that level could be at an SPL club with some ambition and Hibernian surely fit that bill. Is it worth both sides taking a chance? Read the discussion about Mr Clarke here...


    A matter of opinion

    Paul Kane, ex-Hibs player and, to some, a Hibernian legend was recently interviewed by the BBC and he spoke his mind about what he thought of chairman Rod Petrie's handling of club matters. Should he have kept his opinion to himself or his circle of friends and relations or was he right to talk about it in the media? Has he harmed his own legend status? Nope. Has he undermined Mr Petrie or Hibernian FC? Hardly! Did his interview spark discussion on hibs.net? You betcha it did!


    The Cooper's Rest

    It seems another 'Hibs pub' is facing closure. Is the Scottish drinking culture in decline or is it just a fact that supermarkets can sell alcohol so cheaply in bulk? Do Hibs periods of poor form contribute to less drinking in the pubs around the Easter Road area or do the pubs do enough to attract folks by providing decent beer and atmosphere? Join in the discussion and recommend your favourite watering hole here...


    Are you a book reader?

    Are you an avid/occasional/seldom reader of books? Pick up some recommendations or drop your own into the interesting conversation going on in the Holy Ground forum...

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