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  • You dont know what youve got til its gone reprise?

    To paraphrase the immortal words of Joni Mitchells Big Yellow Taxi it could be that Hibs will not know what theyve got til its gone if Derek Riordan is allowed to leave the club for a second time and the way things look at the moment that is a distinct possibility. It seems that there are no discussions ongoing between Dereks agent Jim McArthur and the club and little prospect of there being any in the near future with informed sources suggesting that he does not feature in the managers plans. If that is true then Im fairly certain I wont be the only Hibs fan who finds that situation both incredible and frankly unacceptable.

    Back in the summer of 2006 Derek left to join Celtic. There were accusations at the time of the player doing the dirty on Hibs but I dont buy into that as quite simply, like it or not he had the opportunity to considerably boost his earnings as well as play for a side that regularly won silverware and had a passport into European competition on a season by season basis. Its unfair to criticise someone looking to better themselves just because they joined one of the forces of evil. Had Derek gone south I doubt as much fuss would have been made over his departure. Of course being a Celtic player never really worked out for him and there are various theories as to why with one of the favourites being that WGS didnt really like him as much as he should have! Whatever the truth of the matter, there was an almost universal cheer of delight when the prodigal son returned home in September 2008. Personally I thought we got more back than we gave away because Derek looked to have gained a few pounds warming the bench at Parkhead but there was no doubting he still oozed ability and he proved it in his first game back by scoring a screamer against Hamilton that won three points for Hibs. For the whole of that season he proved his worth time and again with a hatful of goals and a new found work rate, given the bizarre decision to convert him from a striker to a wide left midfield player.

    Of late we have had to rely on Derek almost exclusively for goals and frankly if he were unable to play for any reason its nigh on impossible to determine where any goals would come from. His partnership with Stokes last season brought goals galore but so far this season hes pretty much been a one man band in that respect.

    Given his worth to the team it seems inconceivable that hed be allowed to leave a second time but it looks like he may if a deal cannot be brokered soon. Of course Ive no idea what kind of deal Derek would be looking for and if it proved to be wholly unrealistic then he may have to go elsewhere to play his football but I truly believe he loves Hibernian FC and is well aware of the financial situation when it comes to contracts and so would not be looking for the Board to break the bank to keep him.

    There is another aspect to all of this however and that is his relationship with the manager. From all accounts its not the best and there have been strong suggestions from various quarters that John Hughes would prefer to move Derek on but I have to say that if he is thinking that way then he is going to lose the already dwindling support that he has. Derek is without doubt the most gifted player on the books and its hard to see where Hughes would get a replacement that can score the number of goals Riordan does, especially with the kind of money the manager might have to broker such a deal. It seems Darryl Duffy was brought in to replace Stokes and he may yet prove capable of doing that but where can Hibs find a striker with Dereks ability if he leaves?

    It pains me to think Riordan might be allowed to move on. If he goes it will quickly become evident that Hibs didnt know what they had til it had gone.
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    1. Betty Boop's Avatar
      Betty Boop -
      Derek is not in the managers plans? I know who I would rather have at Hibs. I think the fans will disappear in numbers, if Derek is allowed to leave the club again. Is this anything to do with the bust up after the St. Mirren game? Yogi wants to get a grip!
    1. Betty Boop's Avatar
      Betty Boop -
      Forgot to say, great piece Jonnyboy.
    1. Westie1875's Avatar
      Westie1875 -

      Derek Riordan is the only player in the current Hibs team worth paying the admission price to watch. If the manager really doesn't want to keep him then he is very out of touch with that reality.
    1. Saorsa's Avatar
      Saorsa -
      Well said John

      Be an absolute travesty if the one bright spot about currently watching Hibs was allowed tae disappear particularly if Hughes remains and continues tae bumle along
    1. Hibby D's Avatar
      Hibby D -
      If Derek goes then I fear so will many fans.

      He's the only thing keeping many of us interested at the moment.
    1. Jonnyboy's Avatar
      Jonnyboy -
      Thanks for the feedback folks

      I am aware that Yogi has been talking Derek up but I guess he's got no choice when the laddie puts in a good shift for all to see.
    1. alex74's Avatar
      alex74 -
      totally agree its about time the club open talks with deeko he is worth the season ticket money alone a dont know why hibs let quality players run down ther contracts without offering a new contracts.i am led to beleive the same happend with boozy it would be a differant story if it was colin nish lol.
    1. BT58's Avatar
      BT58 -
      Excellent thread JC,,,first few words
      YELLOW TAXI,,,,,, yip that's what JH/RP
      need if they are serious in getting rid of
      at one time HIBERNIAN F C where renowned
      for having players from ALL areas who could
      score goals for the team!!!!, right now it's
      us relying on the main man DEEKS
      And mr Hughes wants shot of him????
      We don't want to go down the road of petitions
      but something must be done!!!!
    1. Sandy's Avatar
      Sandy -
      Great piece JC, I fear the fans would vote with their feet if a major attempt by the board was not made to keep Derek at ER.
    1. calumhibee1's Avatar
      calumhibee1 -
      If Derek's not offered a now contract then I won't be back next season. Great article btw.
    1. oldbutdim's Avatar
      oldbutdim -
      Summed up the situation, and the mood of the fans, very accurately.
      Very good article.

      If it's true that Rodders has 'suggested signings' to Managers in the past then I hope that he realises that losing Derek will have dire financial consequences for the club and have a word in Yogi's shell-like.

      Or possibly just bring his dismal reign to an end.
    1. Riordans Boots's Avatar
      Riordans Boots -
      Great write there John
      (You've got me singin' big Yellow Taxi now )

      Your words only echo what we all as fans are thinking.

      "We want Deeks, we want Deeks, we want Deeks"

    1. hughio's Avatar
      hughio -
      If this is true..and it does all sound a bit gossipy...we should be REALLY concerned.

    1. erin go bragh's Avatar
      erin go bragh -
      great article mate, hibs should be doing all they can to get the deeko master on new deal asap
    1. Malthibby's Avatar
      Malthibby -
      Should be a no-brainer. Hughes will not be forgiven if Riordan leaves.
    1. The Harp Awakes's Avatar
      The Harp Awakes -
      If Hibs do not try everything possible to keep Deek and he is allowed to leave again, it will be equivalent to pressing the self-distruct button and there will be a mass exodus in terms of season tickets sold for next season.
    1. CraigHibee's Avatar
      CraigHibee -
      if deek is not in hughes plans and is simply allowed to
      "walk away" then quite simply

      Hughes should NOT be in the clubs plans.

      deek without a doubt is someone we cannot afford to lose!
    1. bigterrace55's Avatar
      bigterrace55 -
      Hughes' exit was not before time, as any Hibs fan who attended the St Johnstone game will readily agree. I fear that Deek will be leaving Hibs in January-the word is that he's joining Blackpool-and Hibs may yet struggle to avoid the drop unless a new manager can turn things around without delay.
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