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    Dressing down

    I am sure we have all been scolded for being naughty, perhaps sent to the corner of the classroom and told to face the wall much to the amusement of our fellow classmates but none the less rather embarrassing for yourself. When participating at sports i am sure we have been given a finger wagging from our Coach in front of our team mates, or even threatened with the "jaggy jumper" by our parents.

    If so i am sure we can all relate to a recent incident involving Aberdeen Manager Mark McGhee and young up and coming 18 year old player Mitch Megginson in a recent defeat to Kilmarnock in which McGhee ripped into his young player with all guns blazing. Here is a taste of what was said.

    McGhee said: "I hope Mitch felt terrible over the weekend. He deserved to because he was complicit in us losing a goal and three points."I hope he had sleepless nights staring at the ceiling thinking about the mistake he made that cost us the game.

    Going by that we all seem to have gotten off pretty lightly, no standing in the corner nor being threatened with having to wear the jaggy jumper. McGhee may have fired with all guns blazing but i fear for the confidence of Megginson in this instance in which was nothing less than a public flogging.

    Do you think McGhee was correct in his actions, do you think he was right to publicly slate his young star ?

    Read more of the above quote and reactions on this thread.


    Damp squib

    I cant defend the indefensible here, last Sunday's match away to St Mirren should have been a chance for us to make up for the disappointing defeat against Rangers. To a man we should have been way ahead of St Mirren in the quality stakes however on the park it seemed to be a different story. We had the better of the chances with Riordan coming close but on the whole all we really done was huffed and puffed our way through the game with absolutley no shape, form nor idea in how to penetrate a hard working Saints defence.

    Big players such as Stokes seemed to have other things on their minds whilst others appeared to be going through the motions. Bamba, Miller and Riordan are the only players i would give pass marks to whilst De Graaf seems to be a bit of an enigma, he came with all the promise but he has so far failed to deliver, a Roll's Royce performing like a Skoda at this moment in time, im not knocking the guy but i fear another Jonathon Johanson coming on unless he starts doing what "it says on the tin"


    Young guns

    It is fantastic to hear that a few of our young lads whom we have sent out on loan are going great guns. Kurtis Byrne scored a hat-trick for East Fife versus Dumbarton and Calum Booth was also on the scoresheet for Brechin city whilst Euan Moyes is also performing well for Brechin. With the demise of the reserve league a few of those lads must have wondered if they would be following their pals and ending up on the soccer scrap heap or plying their trade in the junior ranks.

    Sending them out on loan is a huge benefit not only to the club but to the player too as this gives them a good chance of developing their skills and mental toughness but most of all a chance to impress their pay masters in the hope they can come back and push for first team places.
    Going out on loan certainly benefitted the likes of Riordan (Cowdenbeath) Kenny Miller (Stenhousemuir) and Gary O'connor (Peterhead)


    Ugly Sisters seek beauty treatment

    It seems to be that time of the year again when the Old Firm start leathering the jungle drums. Yes, the cry was "we want to go South" and according to Celtic's Dermot Desmond a media initiated involvement could rekindle interest in a possible move to the English Premiership for Celtic and Rangers. Again they both appear to be bored of the standard of the SPL or more importantly their cash cow is running dry.

    What annoy's me is their pig headed ignorance, where do we come into this, where do the other SPL clubs come into this, what makes them think England actually wants them and their horrible stinking bigoted baggage ?

    We all know Scottish football is not in peak condition but it needs a solution, a revolution, a complete structural overhaul and if that means the Ugly Sisters spitting the dummy out and stamping their feet then so be it, Celtic and Rangers are not Scottish football, we are here too, can you hear us !!


    Board rigid

    It has never been a secret that the hibs board and in particular Rod Petrie are the thrifty sort when it comes to wheeling dealing or negotiating financial deals but it is not really difficult to see the fruits of this hard bargaining labour. East Mains training centre, a state of the art facility that will serve the club for many years, a fantastic stadium, a new East stand and debts that are minimal and managable. However all this and more is still not enough to convince some of the hibs support who perhaps think there is some sort of ulterior motive.

    Board salaries have been questioned as have been the commitment to get the best players on the pitch. A few want money splashed on the team with the belief that you pay more you get better quality. Perhaps so but do we really want to rock this steady ship ? With respect things are not going well on the playing front but i firmly believe the board will get this right, they mean well for this club and i think it may be a case of building it up slowly, bit by bit.

    I do believe the board will get it right at some point on the pitch, perhaps it will take a bit longer than we want or than we expect, i have a few years left in me yet, i have waited this long so another few years riding this emotional rollercoaster we call hibs won't kill me.


    Simply class

    Derek Riordan may have his doubters, he has had his troubles to seek throughout his career by being a bit of a lad however there arent many footballers who have the class, ability and craft like he does when grabbing a glimpse of the opponents goal. Deeks is one player who can talk the talk but also one of a very few who can walk the walk.


    Clad all over

    I have had the pleasure of reading some funny threads posted throughout the years on the hibs.net forums, a few particularly strange ones too but even those seem to provoke discussion be it serious or banter. We will discuss anything from Arachnophobia to Hobophobia but even if there is the smallest whiff of hibs then it will be discussed, in fact someone may even pop down to the ground and take a picture or two.

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