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  1. Marciano

    [QUOTE=Sir David Gray;4852149]Outstanding save at 1-0 today, a goal for them at that point could have totally changed the game.[/QUOTE]The save at 1-0 was top class and will be included in his next YouTube video. I've had my doubts but moments like that are why you watch football. Pure class.
  2. Was Scottish cup win best ever?

    Quote Originally Posted by One Day Soon View Post
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    It's just not even up for debate.

    I'll settle for re-posting two previous reflections on that glorious day.

    Grown men cried for weeks, Gray, 92 became a magic number, Logan, 100 years of pain were washed away, Hanlon, a club was reborn, Fontaine, ordinary men became heroes, Fyvie, there really was Sunshine on Leith, McGeouch, Hibee families had the best parties of their lives, Stevenson, Angels Up Above were remembered and toasted, McGinn, 150,000 Hibernian supporters
  3. Going to the World

    Going to the World
    JUNE 14, 2010

    I went to the World Cup in 1966. I was 14 and it was no big deal, at least, not in todayís terms. A friend and I sent away for tickets for three games at Evertonís Goodison Park. They arrived in the post and we were all set.

    Getting there was easy too. A short walk to the local station in the Southport suburb of Birkdale, and then a 25 minute train journey.

    As a Scot living in England, and in those pre-digital ...
  4. What They Don't Tell You at Fatherhood Classes

    When you get that new baby and take it home, and show it all the love it needs, and provide and care for it, they also hand you hope and fear.

    Hopes for their future that they will be stong and successful. That they will be popular and secure in themselves. They will have all the happiness and opportunities that you can give them.

    They will have friends and they will grow up together, and they will have long and proseperous lives. One day they'll have kids of their ...
  5. The Continuing Search for Grumpy Gibby The North Stand Hibby

    Here's something I posted on the PM board a wee while ago. I was looking for a certain Mr Gibson who used to be a contributor to HM, and Mass Hibsteria.

    Anyway, for those of you thinking about whether or not to invest in Private Member status - can I just say, that it's not all as bad as this.

    My quest began with asking some of Gibby's contemporaries if they had heard from him lately. Sadly most have gone to the great stand in the sky. But one old codger was able to ...
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