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  1. I've started an actual blog

    Didn't expect so many .netters to log on to it, thank you to most of you that did :)

    I do not however wish to become more unpopular on this site than I already am so you'll need to google search for it. McIntosh will be most pleased I'm sure.

    Updated 02-11-2014 at 07:48 PM by Stranraer

  2. If Scotland votes no...

    In a weeks time if there is a No vote in the Scottish referendum I hope fellow republicans will turn attention towards the possibility of a border poll in Ireland come 2016.
  3. Seroquel

    I've been getting Seroquel proscribed for insomnia without being warned of the dangers this drug can bring. I'm pretty sure GP surgeries are supposed to provide leaflets with medication to warn of possible side-effects that drugs can have. When I asked for the leaflets I was originally told no but after kicking up a fuss I was given the leaflets and warned not to lose them. I get my medication like a 90 year old does - in a box separated morning / afternoon / night. I wonder how many sleepless nights ...
  4. Excalibur

    I froze your tears and made a dagger
    And stabbed it in my cock forever
    It stays there like excalibur
    Are you my Arthur? Say you are
    Take this cool dark steeled blade
    Steal it, sheath it in your lake
    I'd drown with you to be together
    Must you breathe?
    Cos I need heaven

    by David Brent
  5. World Peace Is None Of Your Business

    Loving Mozza's new album and especially the song World Peace...

    "each time you vote, you support the process"
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