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  1. Close Season: Volkswagen: The Making of "The Force" Commercial

    its the close season and things are pretty quite. The new VW advert featuring a Jnr Darth Vader made me chuckle, and I found this on YouTube when browsing around.
  2. Site Update: TapaTalk 1.2.3

    As it says on the tin, we've updated the site to the latest version of TapaTalk for you iPhone, Android and blackberry users.

    M59 reports that the logging in problem has been resolved and all now works as expected

    (Apologies for the short update - having moved house recently I've found myself relying on mobile broadband and it's not all it's cracked up to be! Now if I can just stay connected long enough to post this up....)
  3. Site Update: TapaTalk 1.2.0

    Today we've updated the TapaTalk plug-in that runs on the site.

    There were a few bugs with the initial vBulletin4 release but these should be addressed in this latest version.

    In addition, the latest app for the iPhone has been released which (amongst many fixes and UI enhancements) allows the screen to rotate to landscape mode.

    I don't have and Android phone or iPhone to play with but it's thoroughly recommended. We currently have 55 users who view the ...
  4. vBulletin4: Issues with older Web Browsers

    There have been a few queries since we upgraded the site to use the newest version of the forum software, vBulletin 4.

    These issues mainly revolve around how the board is styled - most notably with older browsers and Internet Explorer 8 Compatability View.

    Below are some screenshots to show you the differences.
    With older version of Firefox, Internet Explorer and IE8 Compatability View, the site can look like this:

    Click image for larger version. 

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