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16-02-2021, 08:51 PM
Hello, just looking for some advice on how to sell a programme collection after many years of collecting. Iím not sure whether to sell the collection as a whole or programmes individually so any hints or tips would be really appreciated.

Iíve got a complete* collection of Hibs home programmes from 1960-2015 (when I basically stopped collecting apart from the odd item) plus lots of home friendlies and various other home matches from 1950-1960.

Iíve got hundreds of away programmes going back to then as well covering league, cup, friendlies, European matches etc.

Iíve a complete collection of Scottish Cup Finals and Semi Finals from 1958 to date and the Scottish League Cup Finals and Semi Finals from 2019 back to 1960. There must be around 400 programmes covering these two competitions.

Hundreds of Scotland programmes home and away going back to the late 1940s. European finals going back to the 60s plus semi finals and earlier rounds.

Add in all the other non Hibs programmes from across the years then I reckon there are around 5,000 programmes all told.

Finding someone with cash who wants to buy a ready made collection is highly unlikely so options appear to be selling via a dealer (and a lot of the collection was bought from Brian Johnson in the first place) or a piecemeal sale of individual items or small batches. Problem with the latter is that it means breaking up complete seasons but again how much of an issue is that? Anyone got any experience of selling a collection and if so what approach was most successful.

Iím in no rush to sell and know that this may not be the best time with a lot less people having disposable income to spend.

My girls have no interest in the collection and as mentioned Iíve pretty much stopped adding to the collection so it just sits in storage boxes.

*This doesnít include all of the postponed match programmes, e.g, I donít have the Barcelona postponed programme from December 1960 and another half a dozen or so but I do have some postponed issues.

17-02-2021, 10:57 AM
I tried to sell mine a year or so ago, admittedly it isn't as extensive as yours, but I couldn't shift it. Brian didn't want it and other dealers further out weren't interested due to Hibs and them selling local stuff in house.

most said sell them individually on eBay or something but that would have taken years so they're still sitting where they were a year ago.

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Iggy Pope
17-02-2021, 07:44 PM
Can't help you about selling the collection as a whole and ebay is painstaking but gets you there in the end. You could try selling in lots and there are a lot of collectors out there looking not only for specific clubs but also one-per-club-per-season, big games, European competition, cup-ties etc.
There are also a lot of Facebook and Twitter pages dedicated to Programmes and Ticket collectors where buy, sell and trade goes on. If you use these platforms they're easy to find. Doesn't have the security of eBay and lots of ******s out there, but it has its advantages as there are no seller fees or Paypal fees if the buyer is willing to use Friends & Family as payment method.

I have a few Hibs wants amongst:
Home Postponements.
1950-60 friendlies home and away.
Away friendlies v non league clubs.
European aways.
Some single domestic aways 1960 - 1980.
Some Championship run aways 1998-99.

PM me if you have any lists, i'd like to hear from you or I can send you my needs! I'll pay the fair price, cash if you are local, even though I'm sorry you're selling.