View Full Version : "Big game" record this season

09-11-2018, 09:50 PM
And by that I mean the other teams in the "big five" (Celtic, Rangers, Aberdeen, Hearts). These are the teams we need to have good records against if we want to do well.

So far it's played 5, won 0, drawn 2, lost 3. The main reason for this being that the loss from midfield of McGinn, McGeouch and Allan has simply not been rectified. We have Milligan who provides physical strength but the rest haven't managed it so far.

There's also the issue of the fact that after what seems like 15 years the strategy to play against us is the same as always - keep it tight at the back knowing that we cannot convert limited chances. McInnes has it down to a tee - score (or don't), then sit back and kick anything that moves. 1 goal in five hours of football. Levein - kick the **** out of us and occasionally go forward. Gerrard will do much the same in our double header against Rangers.

We've regressed this season and unless major investment is made in the January window (McGinn money?) then we'll be looking at a bottom six finish.