View Full Version : Thanks for a great season of thrills and spills

Stantons Angel
13-05-2018, 10:17 PM
As the header says... its been one heck of a season for Hibs and their supporters.

Ive been watching Hibs along time and over the seasons i have a lot of good and a few bad memories.

Nothing on earth would have made me miss this season.

It one of the best we have had for years and been filled with the type of football i was used to seeing years ago.

The supporters have been terrific home and away with their support of their team. this in turn has helped the team get over the finishing line in some tough games this season.

They look stronger and fitter and have a belief in themselves thats been missing.

The manager has brought them into his winning mentality and they have responded well.

it good to be a Hibby just now and we should all enjoy it while we have it.

its like we had been wandering lost for years till that cup final win. then all of a sudden we find ourselves and off we go.

Thank you my fellow Hibbys its been a long hard season but one worth the toil.

See you hopefully in Europe, if not next season.

PS Well done Lewis for getting into the Scotland squad!

13-05-2018, 10:23 PM
It has been amazing. My favourite season ever. I think it was Klopp once described his style of football as “rock and roll football”. That description I’d say is perfect for us this season. The intensity and energy - and of course no lack of skill - shown by the players, manager and the fans has been unreal. The atmosphere for the first 20 mins today was the best I’ve heard in any stadium and I think had we got a 4th it would have been carnage. It wasn’t to be, but what a day and what a season.

I'm Spartacus
14-05-2018, 09:21 AM
Never mind the season, the first 22 minutes yesterday of pure hope, followed by 3 minutes of total tickly sensation that we were going to absolutely hammer them!!! Well worth the season ticket money alone.

14-05-2018, 01:19 PM
Well done all - club, players, coaches and of course the fans.

Time to enjoy some time off and get ready to go again next season.

14-05-2018, 01:59 PM
Absolutely sick the season has ended, and I can't ever remember being in that situation before.

Well done to absolutely EVERYONE connected with the club from the top right down to the bottom and that fans. Again, I have never witnessed such a positive support throughout the season in any other of my 59 years supporting Hibernian Football Club. Being part of the support was as good as actually watching the team at times, none more so in the first 20 minutes of the game then again in the last 20 minutes or more when we tried once more to lift the team, AND THEY RESPONDED.