View Full Version : Hitting the refresh button

28-01-2018, 12:07 PM
I know there has been a bit of an overreaction from last Sunday on here, but it has prompted a discussion about where we are right now.

Id be happy finishing fourth and taking stock at the end of the season, but there is a feeling of stagnation from some and rumours about Lennon and the Scotland job.

Interested to hear what people think about a refresh either now or at the end of the season (my preference).

How would you view us taking 3m for McGinn if we could get it, getting some compensation from the SFA from Lennon, moving on Stokes, Dave, a couple of others and building from there?

28-01-2018, 12:13 PM
We are a work in progress. Another two or three years should see us build as the recruitment drive gets to about the five year cycle (discounting our first year in the Championship where we started again)