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Many thanks to hibs,net regular happiehibbie for posing a few questions to one if the most exciting talents to break through at Hibs, Peter Marinello. A big thank you to the man himself.
From his debut in 1968 until his departure in 1970 he played over forty games for Hibs making a big enough impression for him to be described in the press as the new George Best. Signed by Arsenal, the fee of £100 000 was a club record at the time. He is certainly remembered fondly by those Hibs supporters of a certain age.

Tell us about your early life Peter, where did you grow up and when did you first start to play organised football?
I grew up in Saughton mains and signed for Salvesens boys club aged 12 and played for them until I signed on for Hibs .What probably assisted my development was playing locally on school grounds at the rear of our garden where I played with mostly older boys which in hindsight was good for my development. My mentor was a man called Jimmy Ferguson a staunch Jambo supporter so in my early years 6-11 years I tended to state that I followed Hearts or had to face the consequences.

What age were you when you signed for Hibs and when did you make your senior debut?
I trained at Easter Road unofficially from the age of 13 and signed on the ground staff aged 16

At some point in your career you must have played for hibs reserves. What are your thoughts on the demise of reserve football in Scotland and do you think playing in an age group like the under 20s will prepare youngsters for top team football?
Reserve team football from the age of 16 should be mandatory as it allows players to play competitive football and learn the ropes on an ongoing basis. I made my first team debut at Starks Park versus Raith Rovers after only a few reserve team games and we won.

In relative terms, your Hibs career was quite short, what are your abiding memories of playing for the club?
Being allowed to play a free role in a very exciting Hibs team with Peter Cormack, Colin Stein, Eric Stevenson (God rest his soul) Pat Stanton, John Blackley, Jimmy O'Rourke, Bobby Duncan and Mr Reliable in Joe Davis at left back. We had a very good 1st team squad so much so that we expected to win against the old firm. However sadly most of us were sold after a change of manager.

Many hibs fans eagerly followed your career path and Iím guessing a fair number of them would want to ask why on earth you signed for Hearts?

After living in America and playing in the major indoor six aside league there was an issue with my contract and there were rumours that the club were financed by the Chicago mafia hence it made sense to move. Also it assisted my former club Fulham who needed the money badly at that time. Coming back to my hometown with my family after being away for ten years made sense.

When you left for Arsenal, what were the major changes you faced in joining such a massive club?

I was sold too quickly and going to Arsenal was a huge culture shock tactically. I was given free role with Hibs, but when I travelled down to Highbury they played me in a practice game while negotiation took place in the boardroom. The coach Don Howe wondered why the Gooners were going to pay 100,000 GBP for this skinny Scottish lad but I must have done well as I was pulled off after 45 minutes and he said you will do for us and whisked me off to the boardroom to finalise the deal. However I turned them down as I felt Hibs were the better team, although I changed my mind 10 days later and signed for Arsenal.

Have you returned to Easter Road to watch Hibs at any point?
I went to the Hibs Versus St Johnstone league cup semi-final at Tynecastle which was great as we were guests of Utlitia Energy firm who sponsored the competition. I was invited possibly because the Managing director was a Gooner but I was not complaining as Hibs won 2-1 with a great John McGinn winning goal.

If you look back on your football career and you could turn back the clock, what (if anything) would you have changed?
I would have stayed with Hibs for longer, learned to tackle and become more disciplined and would love to have won something with that team.

You will be well aware that Hibs won the Scottish Cup by beating Rangers in the final, did you follow the match and what were your thoughts on Hibs finally lifting the Holy Grail?

I was delighted that Hibs finally lifted the trophy and it is good Anthony Stokes is now back at Easter road.

What advice would you give to any young player heading south now?

Listen to manager/coaches, look after yourself and surround yourself with family and friends

What was the most memorable goal you scored for Hibs?

I scored two at Ibrox with one being a run from the half way line where I slotted past the keeper which is my best memory

Was there ever an opportunity to return to Hibs after you left?

I did not have any opportunity to return to Hibs, I would have like that though.

Todayís player valuations/wages, good or bad?

The issue with players wages is that is at the highest level it has become excessive and greed seems to have taken over

In the upcoming derby, Hibs or Hearts?

Hibs will sneak it as Stokes and McGinn will be the difference.

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In his very early days, Hibs run a Colts team in the East of Scotland League and I remember watching "Nello" in a league game at Whitestone Park, Peebles. Even as a raw youngster it was obvious that he had a special football talent.