View Full Version : Rangers Fan denies that they lost the cup final

03-11-2016, 09:21 PM
I enjoyed a hilarious bit of wind-uppery tonight...I quite enjoy playing the online Golf game WGT GOLF and was happily playing 3 hole head to head matches tonight when I got drawn against a bloke whose avatar was the Rangers badge. You can chat by text as you play the game so we had the following conversation...

ME: Hiya mate you a Rangers fan ?
Him: 100% mate

Me: I saw about 10 minutes of the Scottish cup final in the pub earlier this year..I think you guys were winning 2-1...I presume you went on to win ?

Him: Yes mate

Me: Oh well done..what was the score ?

Him: 3-1

Me: really who were you playing again ?

Him: Hibs

Me: Right...so you beat Hibs 3-1 in the cup final this May ????

There was a bit of silence at this point

Me: You've gone quiet

Him: Are you a Celtic Fan ?

ME: No I can't stand Celtic

Him: What's going on ?

ME: I'm a Hibs man through and through...3-2 3-2 Warburtons a Phanny...he wears a Phannies hat...

Him: Piss off you wind up merchant

Me" you Huns are pathetic...lying to yourselves ! His 3 Sevco 2

ME: Henderson to Deliver !!!!!!!!!

At this point he threw the game earning me 180000 points (i was beating him by a shot at -1 anyway)

Haven't stopped laughing since...:greengrin:greengrin:greengrin:greengrin

03-11-2016, 09:27 PM
Very funny! They do come from a culture known for bending the truth to suit their believes so no surprises. Still a bell end though.

03-11-2016, 09:30 PM
Maybe he is using the oldco / newco switcheroo for his own mental well being? they often dip in and out to suit their agenda. Thinks we beat the newco but he is an oldco man.

They've still only got the petrofac in their trophy cabinet though.