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28-02-2015, 05:14 PM
Nominative determination is the serendipity of having your name choose your job for you. As in the oft-quoted article from the Magazine of the Institute of Urologists written by Messrs Splatt and Weedon. Nobody remembers what they wrote about; it was never going to be as interesting as their names.

The legal profession is full of name-calling: Fiona Shackleton the divorce lawyer. Baron Judge who was a judge. There’s also the literary agent called Ed Victor. You wouldn’t want to be represented by Ed Compromise. You know that Eric Pickles was never destined to be a limbo-dancer. India Knight was born to ride to fight good causes. Clarkson was always going to write. And a man called Rod is inevitably going to end up as a plumber.

There is also a nominative aversion where a perfectly anodyne name can attract negative associations. Thomas Crapper ruined it for all following Crappers by his association with the flushing loo. Mr Kalashinikov’s children must be fed up with being called sons of guns. Adolf was once a sweet name for the child.

Nominative determination is important for restaurants. They are given propitious names that come with sophistication and élan. How many Taj Mahals and Jade Palaces are there? As a rule the grandness of the name is in inverse proportion to the plenty of the offering. You know that The Windsor Castle and The Paradise Kiosk are going to offer pasties and prawn crackers.

Which brings me to point of all this naming of names. Pierre at Quinn’s is a big-plate name. It’s done up like a French provincial restaurant from the 1950s. Actually, it’s done up like four French provincial restaurants from the 1950s. The bar and brasserie is all blue overalls, berets and French businessmen reading L’Estranger, but it’s the orangery that really is special and this is where we’re sat for the Berwick match. The tables are big and aren’t too close together. Everything about this room is right and the staff are all very French in both manner and efficiency. For those who aren't London based, here is an image I took only yesterday.


On Sunday we’ll be served two courses immediately after the conclusion of the match. Our starter is Ham and Parsley served with a Celeriac Remoulade. There is also freshly prepared Rillettes served with Warm Toast. Our main course is Plat Du Jour, Confit De Canard.

This weeks house wine is a mouthwatering 2007 Spy Valley Riesling priced at £14.99 and supplied by Bibendum.

See you all Sunday.

28-02-2015, 07:58 PM
That's brill. Funniest, yet most accurate, post I've read in ages.

"Nominative determination is the serendipity". If there has ever been a better 5 words in the opening to a post, I'd like to see it.

I literally snorted out bogies when I clicked on the photo!

Awesome work, G.