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30-05-2014, 11:39 AM
Most of us want him gone, most of us want Butcher gone. Most of us are sick to our teeth with what has happened to our football club over the last seven years, and something must change. However, I'm no businessman and I'm no football manager. What happens if Petrie does leave?

What is it that Petrie does for this football club that means we should absolutely not part with him? From a fans' point of view, he has oversaw the safe infrastructure of this football club, completed our stadium, built our training centre, sold of the land behind the east stand and brought in millions in player transfer fees.

These are all good things. Great accomplishments of the club and Petrie should be congratulated for his efforts. However, if you are going to build a new, 6,000-seater stand, you're going to need fans to fill it. If you're going to my build a new training centre for the first team and for the academy, you should have the best young talents in this part of the country using the best facilities.

If you're going to sell the land adjacent to the stadium for millions of pounds, then surely the funds acquired will be invested into the football club, after the land sold was part of the stadium's grounds.

And finally, if you're going to make millions of pounds in player transfer fees, you need to reinvest millions of pounds in transfer fees into buying players fit enough to replace the ones departed. This keeps the fans coming in to the new stand, which makes money to develop the youth, who can be sold on to make more money, which can be used to buy in a better quality of player, which would breed success on the park, which would out more bums in seats and make this proud club what it once was.

So these are the things Petrie has done, and should have done. For his accomplishments, I am grateful. For his failings, I am disgusted. His successes do not mean anything without the product on the park.

I'd like Petrie to make a statement to the fans explaining to us why it is absolutely imperative that he stay on. From the fans' point of view there is not one reason why he should still be here. His job was 'completed' four years ago.

Also, for this thread I'd like to see if anyone has any reason why he should stay? Because I personally can't see him resigning, but I don't know why he has any reason to stay. Does anyone have any idea why we'd be better off keeping him? Also, what happens if he does go?

30-05-2014, 11:48 AM
Excellent post.

30-05-2014, 11:56 AM
If Petrie does go...

He should be replaced by someone who's first concern is the success of the club on the park. This is a Football Club, so we need someone that cares first and foremost about Football. Being successful on the field of play and remaining solvent are not incompatible.

Thousands of other clubs have survived and prospered without Rod Petrie at the helm, so I think we'll cope just fine with a replacement in charge.