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31-03-2014, 03:33 PM
Did butcher play this hoof pish in inverness? It's awful to watch and doesn't work!

31-03-2014, 04:04 PM
Was more this sort of thing:


31-03-2014, 08:23 PM
Yeah it was his tactics according to a few of my mates. The only difference is that he had players at ICT giving half a chance could bury the ball in the back of the net i.e. give collins two half chances in a game no goal, give mckay them and you probably have a goal.

31-03-2014, 08:43 PM
Did butcher play this hoof pish in inverness? It's awful to watch and doesn't work!
I don't even see any tactics now .I see players at back panicking and just launching the ball forward in hope.Very few players have confidence to take on and beat a player ,we can't pass the ball about with players running in behind a defence to latch on to a through ball ,hearts did this several times to us as defence is not organised The first goal Ian Murray counted all the mistakes we made I and hey Butcher and Malpas are defenders so how can't they coach players to do the basics .The back four will need changed again against Aberdeen and you think back to the Dundee United game and think if they if dons hit form they will turn us over as there is nothing to suggest anyone knows how to get out of our predicament and after games T B is honest but gives no indication he knows what to sort.He did hint he is relying on defenders to score from set pieces so that says it all about what he thinks of forwards we have .
I think no one expects us to beat dons so have a go play as offensive team as we can .We know we can't keep clean sheets so let's see if we can find a team that attacks and scores .

31-03-2014, 08:53 PM
I was coached by the great Alex Young as a very young boy - I always remember him saying to me to play with my head up, always be brave with the ball at your feet, and when off the ball, never stand still - he was fantastic with young players and his philosophy was to attack and attack quickly. Even at set pieces he wanted kids as young as 10 to look for the quick throw, the quick free kick or corner - jeez I knew the offside rule at 12 and knew how to master my run as defenders ran out all over the shot :greengrin

Hibs have no bravery on the ball, they get rid of it through sheer fear of losing it, not the courage of keeping it and creating. Watch the hesitation when they reach the opposition box - yesterday second half a few crosses went into Hearts box and because Hibs players waited and watched the crosser in possession, no one had the bravery or initiative to get into that box to feed off scraps. Hearts first goal - that was two Hearts lads taking a chance that the cross would land at their feet/body/head.

Pace, bravery and off the ball movement - all missing from our play in my humble opinion.