View Full Version : Old Caledonia V New Caledonia (NHC)

18-10-2013, 09:15 AM
Since there has been an International break I thought I'd drop in a bit of an International post.....

Great to see Scotland are pretty much the most improved side in World football under Gordon Strachan's management. Having moved up 28 places in the FIFA rankings to be 35th in the world, Scotland are definatly a side on the up. Only Moldova have moved up more places, but as they still sit in lowly 96th place moving up places is easier for them.

At the other end of the spectrum New Caledonia (so named because the coast reminded Capt Cook of Scotland) have fallen a whopping 31 places to 126 in the world.

However before we celebrate too much it's worth pointing out that the FIFA rankings are complete rubbish.

New Caledonia have actually won four of their last 5 games, including a Hibs like 6-2 Derby win against the Solomon Islands (according to Wikepedia, FIFA don't bother to list their results on the official FIFA site) so how they have dropped 31 places is rather baffling. Not only that but the fourth best team in the world according to FIFA is Columbia and yet they haven't actually managed to qualify for a World Cup for the last 16 years..so either their World Cup Qualification system is total bobbins or the FIFA rankings are pants....You Decide

18-10-2013, 12:13 PM
I thought this was gonna be a thread on the song caledonia. Old one being sung by Dougie MacLean and the new one (from the Caledonian best ad) by AMWWF. I prefer the new one to be honest cant find it anywhere tho :(

Anyhow! The FIFA rankings are ****, FIFA is just a corrupt money making organisation who pass out jobs to the boys. Blatters a conman. I don't like them!!!!