View Full Version : Quinn's (Piano Bar) for Partick Match - 7th October - KO 19:45

London Hibs Supporters Club
30-09-2013, 01:52 PM
London must have more places to eat than any other comparable city. There are stretches of Camden Town where every shop front has a neon pictogram indicating simple Day-Glo sustenance; a green coffee cup of the sort you never get offered now because it doesn’t hold enough, a ghoulish Chinese duck winking, saying “Duck” for the benefit of us round eyes who don’t read pictogram. There are bowls with chopsticks and sombreros and pigs in chef’s hats and aprons. Burgers and pizzas shine like beacons for the peckish. There’s even a lurid flashing cheesecake over one café.

Though the dining rooms promise the fabled comestibles of the exotic corners of the globe, each emits a waft of thick smell that invisibly dovetails with its neighbours’ into half a dozen notes of sweat, oil, fat, onions, MSG and stewed tomatoes. Looking down the half mile of Camden High Street, the little, breezily bright, illuminated eateries in the appropriately named “Camden Passage”, one quickly understands that this defies taste, hunger and nutrition - the eateries' sole existence is for the cheesy, sugared, unctuous, grazing, greed of the thousands of huddled tourists who don't know what's around the corner at the top of the road. It’s Pierre at Quinn’s!

Firstly: the bad news. As it’s another pesky evening kick-off, subsequently, both the restaurant and brassiere are fully booked from 6pm onwards, so we’ve once again been allocated the Piano Bar. For those willing to eat before kick-off, please try and get there as soon as possible as no food orders will be taken after 6.30pm. Food will then be served after the match.

This week’s starter will be a simple Catalan classic; Salt Cod Fritters with Aioli. Our main course is a Pork Belly & Clam Stew with Wine and Garlic. While more Portuguese than French, Pierre assures that his homemade baguette will be the perfect accompaniment. As always, coffee will be served after the meal.

This week’s house wine is 2011 Domaine de la Réaltière Coteaux d'Aix-en-Provence Pastel Rosé at £18.99 a bottle. Head Sommelier, Jean-Claude, describes this as a lovely, classic Provence rosé. Nice palate with good concentration with a creamy finish. Let’s hope we can say the same about the match and result!

See you all on Monday.