View Full Version : PROUD to - proud to be - proud to be a Hibby.

Arbroath Hibby
26-07-2013, 08:41 PM
As i commented on the BBC article about the game the bile still rises into my mouth every time I think of last night. It is without doubt the worst game at ER I have EVER seen, (been going on and off since 1975)
I can't feasibly think of getting a season ticket, due to work, family commitments and the moving of fixtures by bloody sky when ever they feel like it, but I will get to as many home and away fixtures as poss. When will this lackluster approach stop and the players show some real passion for the club and fans, but when the dust settles do the players just go "oh well, better luck next time, thanks for my wages" do they feel the pain, embarrassment, do they suffer? probably not.
It's the fans who suffer every time, they are always there for the club, players and managers come and go, the badge kissers, the heart mimes, all go except the core of true fans they are there through the Good, the bad and the down right abysmal.
The players from last night should feel ashamed and embarrassed that they got payed for the dross they displayed, they should try and make some gesture to the fans as a way of apology, like a full page in every national paper saying sorry for not being good enough to wear the same jersey as the legend that was honored that night.
I have yet to see one newspaper article that mentions the very sporting way that, what was left of us at the end of the game applauded the Malmo team. The Malmo players themselves were taken aback at first, then they came over and showed their appreciation as did their fans.
I strongly think the Hibs fans deserve a FIFA fairplay award, it makes me
PROUD to be a Hibby. -

Love the Club, Love the fans, Tashman it's time to go...