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17-02-2013, 09:57 PM
Even on the rare occasions when one has nothing else in the fridge, there is always an onion, and being French, Pierre certainly knows his onions!

Pierre has emphasised to me many times that onions are like a culinary Heathrow Airport – they can take you to thousands of edible destinations. How many dishes have we eaten over the years at Quinn’s – soups, stews, risottos, paellas, pilaffs, salads, sauces, curries, chutneys, marmalades – that start with the instruction to soften an onion in oil or butter? That slow change from crisp acidity to supple sweetness is one of the most satisfying transformations in French cooking. Even heaped onto a piece of toast with a little foie gras, the resulting jumble is a thing of deliciousness.

The specific Roscoff bulbs that Pierre uses now will have been harvested last summer, then carefully dried so the inner layers keep their pungent freshness. That in itself is a pretty amazing thing and has a fundamental effect on the food that Pierre cooks and what we London Hibees eat, yet we so often think of onions as a sort of Shefki Kuqi – a bit-part player. This week, Pierre is giving the Oignon de Roscoff the staring role they rightly deserve.

To start, we’re going to be served Oignon de Roscoff Soup with Cider. This is a cream of onion soup, rather than the traditional beefy variety. To follow there’s Braised Beef with Oignons de Roscoff. A lovely warming, peppery onion-rich stew that’s ideal for this time of year. There will be a selection of cheeses and after-dinner coffee will be served. Truffle shavings are still available at 5 per gram.

This week’s guest wine is courtesy of The Wine Society; Welnert Carrascal 2007 priced at a very reasonable 12.99 per bottle.

Here are another couple of recent reviews that Pierre and his team have received.

“This is a deservedly popular restaurant, offering a very reasonable set price lunch and early dinner, as well as a more varied and sophisticated table d'hote menu.” Trip Advisor

“…uncomplicated, fabulously robust Classic French menu that’s worth every penny” Michelin Guide

See you all on Sunday!