View Full Version : NHC The Football Show-ITV4-Sunday mornings

07-08-2012, 12:18 PM
I've really been enjoying the Football Show on ITV4. Only watched on and off but it seems to be a run through the season 1982-83. The show must have been from a time when ITV showed the highlights and is presented by Brian Moore and a young Jim Rosenthal.

The football is awesome, fast direct and skillful. Liverpool seem to be on most weeks and watching Souness, Dalglish and Hansen etal dominate the top division in England reminds me of how far the standing of the Scottish player has changed. The terraces are packed, tackles fly in and tiny shorts dominate. The game seems much more passionate and there is a lot less play acting and general cheating going on.

Not just the rose-tinted specs, football really was much better then. The game was simple, players stuck around for longer and did without agents and ridiculous pay, less play acting, european matches still had some magical quality about them and there was hardly any live footy on the telly. We didn't know how good we had it compared to this farcical modern era

Recommended viewing for the early bird (starts at 8.30 for those without new fangled entertainment systems). A real stroll down memory lane.