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16-04-2012, 03:09 AM
Carpe diem hibs!!!!, What a great opportunity to show the world that our league doesn't need or rely on the bigot brothers, differences aside for a second the fact that no matter what the outcome of the final there will only be one trophy in glasgow this year, as much as the SFA tries to bend the rules for the huns and ignore the absolutely disgusting behaviour(once again!) of the ginger nyaff, an all Edinburgh Scottish cup final which will surely sell out can go a long way to disproving all these beaks in weegistan that Scottish football can not just survive, but flourish without the boring bigoted bile(lovely illiteration don't you think? lol)from the west coast, imagine every year we had a real chance of winning the league or at least picking up one cup, and the same could be applied to the ****bos, the sheep, dundee utd and maybe even motherwell, take the OF out and you really open up the league to anyone, granted the first couple of years the telly and sponsorship deals may disappear but without the stupid fixture times and dates i really believe most teams would see a significant increase in attendances, the youth set up would benefit from this and maybe the national team would also.

Sick of hearing all this shi'ite about the rebel ten, if we are the majority how can we be the rebels?

Sick of the SFA doing SFA about the situation.

Honestly folks, can you imagine regular cup finals against the yams?, possible league titles every year or so?, look what happened when we were strolling the first division(ok, not the best example) the attendances were pretty good!, people like to watch a winning team.

Now is the time!!!!!


16-04-2012, 03:27 AM
Well said