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27-10-2011, 09:29 AM
Why oh why oh why cant any hibernian team during the past 3 managers perform the simple act of the throw-in ?????:confused:
Under Mixu and Yogi and CC, I would say 80% of our throw - ins end up with an opposition player. Actually maybe we should give the throw in to the opposition to do, as maybe the odds of us getting the ball may be slightly better.

This kind of links to the root problem at Hibs, that BB alluded to in his interview on HibsTV, that we lack a winning mentality.
The winning mentality means the thought in every players mind that every throw-in must go to a Hibs player and that other players must show the desire to show for the throw - in (or pass in general play). During these 3 managers reigns there has been no winning mentality. Before all the matches, players and managers all come out with the same line..... its going to be a difficult match....Hamilton, St Mirren, Dunfermline etc are very good teams that will be hard for us to beat. Come on guys...we should have the attitude we are going to win these type of matches.

IMHO THIS is the root cause of our problems on the field. from Petrie and the board (all of them) to the Manager (all 3 of them) to the players (nearly all of them), there is NO winning mentality.

It seems that Petrie is happy with top 6 and a couple of cup runs and if in europe getting through one round. There is no real ambition. I dont mean spending more money. I mean not going in to a match say against Berwick Rangers saying it will be a hard match!! Petrie and the board should be talking about and aiming for Hibs ,as one of the biggest supported clubs in Scotland, WINNING matches.

If The Board and the manager and club captain have a winning mentality this would push the players to try more at throw ins and passes , as at present if they pass badly or lose a throw in to the opposition, there seems no bad consequence. On the pitch The Captain should be shouting at a player who makes these fundamental mistakes.

So, for me the "throw-in" problem is actually the most obvious visible sign of the big problem at our football club.
We need people with a winning mentality at all levels of the Club from The Board to the Manager to Assistant Manager to Club Captain to Coaching Staff... I dont think there is much wrong with the present squad actually and spending more money on players would not help the root cause of why we are playing so badly

BB seems to agree with this hypothesis, so maybe sacking CC and having BB in temporarily may not be such a bad idea. A new Captain who will shout and organise on the park during match days is essential (probably the one thing the Board should spend more money on getting that one correct player in).
I would like to see the Board appoint someone new who has more panache then the present bunch of suited accountants, who can enthuse the support and everyone at the Club. Then I want a manager who instills a winning mentality amongst the players, and EXPECTS to beat teams like St Johnstone at home and stops talking about them being a hard team to beat.

The first sign of better times ahead would be us retaining possecion at throw-ins ..... Its been a long wait, its time for the Board to sort it out.

27-10-2011, 10:34 AM
We kept possession from just about every single throw in last night. I couldn't believe my eyes

27-10-2011, 10:45 AM
I agree entirely with OP. If we can manage to do the simple things well harder things will suddenly become easier. Throw ins have been a problem for years and years though. Obviously never practice in training. Managed to lose possession directly from 3 kick offs last night as well (2 straight out of touch, 1 lobbed to Celtic player). Simple things like this create larger problems such as Celtic's first goal as we invited them into our half straight away.

With regard to leadership the only player I saw last night encouraging and shouting at other players was G O'Connor in the first half, we are desperate on leadership both on and off the park.

27-10-2011, 02:03 PM
We kept possession from just about every single throw in last night. I couldn't believe my eyes

You must have been watching a different game from me. Don't get me wrong, ball retention from throw-ins was improved compared to the norm, but I'd still put it at 50% at best.

In the second half one of the players (I think it was Galbraith but can't be sure) took a throw-in which not only wasn't aimed at feet, it was actually so bad that Forrest beat O'Connor to it in the air. That takes a special kind of crap.

27-10-2011, 02:14 PM
There was actually one cleverly worked throw in, I think it was in the first half. Though that I found this something to remark upon perhaps signifies the problem outlined. I would suggest that although it is perhaps a symptom of the problems at hibs, there are things I would suggest need worked on first. Such as being able to defend. And being able to retain the ball without rushing, or seeming to be under pressure.