View Full Version : Is this as bad as it get's

14-05-2011, 06:03 PM
Today's game has left me feeling totally depressed. We have a bunch of players who cannot even do the basics, a manager who is unperturbed (his words I believe) by a 1-3 home defeat to a poor Aberdeen team and a board who forget that football is an entertainment business.

For too long our club has taken the supporters of our club for granted. Guys around me seemed resigned to this rubbish and even the 12th man fell silent for a good part of the second half (don't blame you guys).

I am a realist and understand the financial constraints but did Mowbry have any more of a budget than CC. It's not long ago that we were leaving ER buzzing even after a defeat. There really needs to be a big wake up call NOW....before it's too late.

Unfortunately I am not convinced that we have moved forward and pray that CC has identified a different type of player from the guy's he brought in in January.

14-05-2011, 07:54 PM
Cannot believe the interview with CC, he is unperturbed with the score today!!, how can he say that? what a clown! if the manager isn't bothered about it what chance have we got?
Starting to really get worried about CC he reckons stephens and hanlon will be a great partnership!! we need a david weir type player at CH to nurture hanlon, they will not learn anything from each other except bad habits!!
As soon as vaz te went off today we lacked any sort of creativity, miller(ex man utd I'll have you know!) was pushed off the ball like an old woman today then nearly got himself into serious trouble by whining like a little bitch to gollum, I mean collum who was about as consistent as a new borns nappy content.Some example to set to the younger players Liam!!. I thought if you raised your hands you were off? not even a booking for the dons player who did it to stephens.