View Full Version : Can anyone at ER spot a player without watching MOTD

30-10-2010, 05:52 PM
Have watched Hibs at various levels this season. Distinctly unimpressed almost constantly. Have stood inside Indoor facility at EM and listened to coaches barking almost continually at kids and saw some kids wi long faces. Same scenario with U15, U19 and first team.

We seem to spend all our time ridiculing HOMOFC however at least on the park the plums are getting it sort of right. If ever we needed a victory in a Derby it's next week. Have we the players to do it or more importantly have the players the will to do it. I bloody hope so. Hope they look at the league table tonight or tomorrow and are as embarrassed as I am at the gap between us and Rangers - Lafferty, Broadfoot, 40 yr old Weir et al.

I am going to the AGM Business Meeting on Monday at ER and hope to hear positive things on the way forward however my real hope is getting it right where it matters. I do not know what our scouting system consists but I really am starting to worry.

I am sure CC knows what is required and like everyone else want him to get it right. Don't really like posting un-positively but I have been watching Hibs now for 50 years and am as disillusioned as I have ever been.