View Full Version : The Future of Hibs

Earl of Currie
01-11-2009, 08:47 AM
I was discussing the current success with the guys of work and it was agreed that due to the financial policies put in place a number of years ago , Hibs are now setting them themselves up as the best club to come to outside of the OF.

The bigger picture was discussed and although Hibs have managed to get a few top quality players ( Stokes, Miller, to name a few) Hibs will continue to be a selling club , albeit on their own terms , but still a selling club.
It was also agreed that as Hibs have shown themselves to be an alternative to the OF , then they will continue to attract quality young players.

As we find ourselves in a fortunate position , would it be an idea now to implement a plan to enhace the organic growth of the club , in essence to create this ' conveyor belt ' of talent.
The club has benefitted from a number of very good young players recently , but I was wondering how much better it would be if we were to spread the net further and have a network of clubs feeding into the Hibs youth set up as part of a pryamid structure .

We have a successful set up at East Mains which develops many players up to the age of 19 years old. My suggestion would be to have a handful of Hibs boys clubs ( one each in Dundee , Glasgow , Aberdeen, Newcastle & Belfast for example) which develops young players from 10 to 16 years old, all coached by Hibs staff , all working and developing players towards playing the same brand of football currently adopted by the first team. The idea is that the best young players would then feed into the East Mains set up from 16 to 19 years old , with the best being rewarded with the step up into the first team squad.

Whereas Hibs might currently have links with boys clubs , this idea is to be more open and let people know that if you come to play for one of these Hibs boys clubs then you will learn to play attractive , enjoyable football from professional coaches. With the added incentive that from 10 years old you are already involved with a professional football club with a wonderful footballing ethos and with the potential of a football career as an incentive.

I have to admit that I am unaware of the cost of creating this network of boys clubs , but the number of players it could produce over the long term would be significant and would save the club on transfer and signing on fees , it should essentially pay for itself.

I know that we have already have a successful youth set up , but with enhancing what we already have , we would generate greater success for the long term benefit of the club.

I would love to know what others thought or if they had any other ideas on how to make a great club better.