View Full Version : Question Introducing Signings

14-09-2009, 10:27 AM
Grant Stott makes an interesting comment in his EEN column.

"The build-up to this fixture had perhaps been slightly overshadowed by the signing of Liam Miller and, as much as it gave all the Hibs fans another lift, it perhaps took the confidence levels of scooping up three points far too high."

Maybe my memory is failing me but I cant help but think that in recent times we've (apart from JJ) thrown players in and certainly not the day after signing.

Is this foolhardy, confidence or a statement on the quality of the players signed and who they replace... Perhaps reading too much in there.

However, I think announcements could have been better timed so as not to affect the preparation for games and certaintly hanging fire on introductions until match fit esp in players with long lay-offs behind them.