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08-04-2008, 01:50 PM
This looks like one of these dance things you get in arcades, exercise your brain!

Ever feel like you're running on empty? Take a breather with the new Breathing Space game - the 10K you can do without leaving your chair.

www.mhfs.org.uk/mhfs/Game (http://www.mhfs.org.uk/mhfs/Game)

Looking for a bigger challenge? Then why not encourage your male friends and family to sign up for the Men's Health Forum Scotland (MHFS) 10K for Men on 15th June 2008.

The event will be held at Bellahouston Park in Glasgow .

The MHFS 10K for Men is backed by Breathing Space - the free and confidential phone and web based service for people in Scotland experiencing low mood or depression, and for those who are unusually worried and in need of someone to talk to.

For more information, click the link below:

www.breathingspacescotland.co.uk (http://www.breathingspacescotland.co.uk/)

P.S. Forward this link to the Armchair 10K Game - and give your mates a breather too www.mhfs.org.uk/mhfs/Game (http://www.mhfs.org.uk/mhfs/Game)

Kind Regards,

The Breathing Space and MHFS teams.

A 10k run is about 10k further than I would ever want to!