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    England in Sri Lanka Cricket

    England 120-5. Why is Ali batting at 3? Havenít they tried this before?

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    What's happened to TMS? This "cricket social" thing is a bit pants. Is it just cost cutting?

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    Answering my own question - they lost the rights to ****** Talksport.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hiberniankb View Post
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    England 120-5. Why is Ali batting at 3? Havenít they tried this before?
    I think Moeen bats at three for the one-day side, plus it's been a problematic position for England (in fact all the top three have been problematic, exacerbated by Cook dipping and then retiring)

    Root refuses to bat at three but IMO your best batsman should always go in there and I think he is taking an easier option to bat further down the order and abdicating a bit of responsibility.

    Moeen at 3 gives them more options in the rest of the bowling attack and allows them to continue with a really long batting middle order - with Stokes, Buttler/Foakes, Bairstow and Curran they have runs galore.

    If Jennings and Burns can kick on at the top then England become very strong - batting in depth because they have bowlers who can bat and strength in the bowling because they have bowlers who can bat higher up the order.
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