I announced some weeks ago our intention to have an election for the position of Director and we have run a process to seek nominations for this position.

As a result, we received two nominations within the required deadline and I am delighted to inform you that one of these was from Jackie McNamara who has decided to continue on this journey that he started three years ago, being a founding director of HSL. Further good news is that a second nomination was received from one of our younger Members, Harris Cains. As we have two vacancies, I can confirm that your Board have resolved to re-appoint Jackie and appoint Harris for the next three years.

This is good news for HSL as it provides a degree of continuity which Iím sure everyone will agree is desirable. On a personal level I am very pleased that we now have youth on the Board which I am sure will bring both energy and younger ideas. Iím sure you will all join me in thanking both Jackie and Harris for putting themselves forward and wish them well going forward.

We will be shortly announcing one more election to fill my own position as a Director.

Kenny MacAskill