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    I've been coming to Easter Road since 1979. I have no doubt in my mind whatsoever that the present period is the the most enjoyable and the most positive I have experienced in that time by a long, long distance. It's a level above and beyond any previous anticipation and aspiration I can recall.

    Everything is right: the support, the squad, the manager, the board, the facilities, the finances and the whole culture surrounding the club. It's hard to point to any one thing - though the Scottish Cup win stands out as the point of rebirth of our self-belief - but there is undoubtedly something very special about Neil Lennon.

    What are the chances of him being with the club for the longer term? Not simply as manager (although I would like him to be in that role for a long time to come) but perhaps in another senior position with the club after management. He has a winner's mentality, a standing in the game and connections well beyond Scotland that I think bring massively more to the club than we get simply from his role as manager. The continuity premium could be massive.

    I remember after full time against Dundee United when we were relegated. I said then that I'd rather be a Hibernian fan watching them lose and get relegated every week than support any other club winning everything. That's still true, but watching them like this now really is a slice of heaven.

    Man it's good to be Hibs.

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    Itís a wonderful time for the club.

    In regards to Lennon, the fear is that an offer will come from south of the border.

    I honestly dont get the worry of him going to Celtic, or somewhere else in Scotland. Personally, and obviously Iím biased, but I think Hibs are the perfect club for him right now. He can build the club up and if he achieves success it will undoubtedly be a better achievement than winning yet another title at parkhead.


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