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    Quote Originally Posted by brog View Post
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    He's said same to me John but that's just part of the myth, he was clearly onside. You can just see him moving forward in the clip & the ball is well on its way by then. I remember looking at the lino immediately the ball went in & I was happy to see him heading for the halfway line. The Hawrts players didn't even protest.
    I know,B but letting the Hearts fans think it was offside is much more fun 😂
    This is how it feels

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonnyboy View Post
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    Pat has openly and gleefully admitted to me he was offside 😂
    Think we have been paying for that decision ever since. Probably the last decision we got against them.

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    Will take any goal against Hearts but certainly looks one for the Dubious Goals Panel. The Hearts back four appear to step out before the cross comes in leaving King Paddy in splendid isolation.

    Ralph Callachan a big Hibby appears to think it was defo offside as it cancelled out his 25 yard screamer

    Agree with Johnny Boy better to let the jambos think it was miles offside makes it all the sweeter
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    Quote Originally Posted by iwasthere1972 View Post
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    An absolute legend and had the great pleasure of watching him when I first started following the Hibees in the mid sixties. I was at the Naples match and the 72 cup final. I even did a song about that day back in 1973 in which Pat took a great part in. 😁 To the tune of My Old Man's a Dustman.

    Oh my old man's a Hibby
    He used to sit me on his knee
    He took me to Tynecastle Park
    In January 73
    There were only 9 minutes gone
    When O'Rourke gave Hibs the lead
    The Hibs fans were estastic
    My pants I almost peed

    The second came on fifteen minutes
    Alex Edwards got the ball
    He crossed it to Alan Gordon
    He stood at six foot tall
    He brought the ball down on his chest
    And slipped it in the net
    The Hibs were now two goals up
    Without even breaking sweat

    We didn't have too long to wait
    Before we grabbed another goal
    Twenty six minutes were on the clock
    The Hibs were on a roll
    This time it was Arthur Duncan's turn
    To stick it in the net
    My dad had £10 on us to win
    He knew he had won his bet

    The Hearts fans they were singing
    "We'll support you ever more"
    When Cropley scored for the Hibs
    It was twenty five to four
    The Hibs fans they went ballastic
    They couldn't believe their eyes
    The Hibees were now four goals up
    I almost dropped my pie!

    We were still in celebration mode
    When we scored to make it five
    Arthur Duncan with a header in the box
    It was great to be alive
    The Hearts fans were astounded
    Their team couldn't match the green
    You could tell just from the look on their face
    This was the best fitba they had ever seen

    Fifty six minutes were on the clock
    When Pat Stanton won the ball
    He ran it past the Hearts defence
    They were ****ed, they could hardly crawl
    He kept on going and going
    The Hibs fans thought he was brill
    He crossed it to wee Jimmy O'Rourke
    To make it Hibs six Jam Tarts nil

    Fifteen minutes of the game remained
    When Alan Gordon made it seven
    The Hearts fan they were in hell
    But the Hibs fans were in heaven
    Stanton, Cropley, Duncan and O'Rourke
    Some of the finest to wear the green
    Thank you Turnbull's Tornadoes
    The greatest team I've ever seen

    P.S. I made it up. My dad never took me to football and I was 16 in 1973.

    good one! well done!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ano hibby View Post
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    Great wee poem Stantonís Angel 👍 brilliant, thanks for sharing

    Well thank you my friend.

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    Iíve lived in Niddrie for years and I can tell you that all Niddrons of a certain age, no matter their team, idolise Pat here, he is one of his areas greatest success stories, as a Hibby and long term Niddron I feel the same, legend is an overused word but not for Pat


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