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    Quote Originally Posted by MountcastleHibs View Post
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    I don’t think we do. Gray, Efe and Whittaker can play right back, Boyle can play right wing back when we play a 3. In the centre we’ve got Efe, Daz, Hanlon and Porteous and on the left we have Stevenson with Hanlon and Whittaker able to fill in as emergency left backs. I would’ve thought if we’re playing a 3 and Stevenson wasn’t fit, Horgan could also play there.

    And remember Lewis played CB at Ibrox last season and did well!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Onceinawhile View Post
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    We have whittaker, Boyle, gray and Ambrose who can all (at a push) play either right back or right wing back. There's only Lewis or mackie (who's totally untested at this level) for left back.
    Paul Hanlon can easily slot into left back if need be - looking at Lennon's sides in the past, he has his tried and tested full backs but likes to have an industrious and slick midfield and especially in the wide areas. I'm impressed with SDG's form this season and if he stays injury free, then we have two very very good full backs in him and Lewy. Mackie looks like he could easily step in, he looks a very fit lad and has good strength. I also like his attitude - he takes no nonsense and has a wee 'Cummings' like streak in him personality wise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MWHIBBIES View Post
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    What is no nonsense? Kicking it up the park? I'll take Ambrose over that any day.

    McGregor is great at being no nonsense but 3 McGregors would be dreadful.
    Yip, this 100%. We have a way of playing now, we play football from the back, signing a couple of no nonsense central defenders would mean dropping 2 from Daz Efe Portous or Hanlon, why would we do that?

    I think we could probably do with another defender, but we do have cover and its not a necessity.

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    Playing 3 at the back means having 5 CBs would be nice. We saw a couple of years ago the impact a couple of injuries can have and we had to draft Efe and McLean in on loan.

    We do have the option of Gray and Whittaker covering in there though so I wouldn't say it's a huge concern in the short term.

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    IMO we don't really need to sign any more defenders, but if we had to I'd maybe like an out-and-out left back if we're playing with a back 4 and Lewis gets injured


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