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    Quote Originally Posted by ancient hibee View Post
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    Molde were quick movers of the ball so it made sense to let them play in front of us rather than dive in with ill timed challenges letting them through.As a result our goalie had no saves to make.
    At times they reminded me a bit of Malmo. They could take it in to feet, turn and play short but direct passes through our team quite quickly and very effectively.

    Against Malmo we played into their hands and were horsed.

    I think you're right - we may well have played a clever game against them and it paid off.

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    Molde were really good. They were very keen to play it out from the back in pretty much any circumstances, which tempted us to try and go and get it, and when we did, we got pulled out of shape and on a few occasions they opened us up (in terms of between midfield and defence) with a couple of passes.

    The risk/reward balance for both teams was pretty fascinating, and a 0-0 scoreline shows that we both got the balance right.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Springbank View Post
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    on last night's evidence we are way too lightweight in midfield and don't press nearly well enough.

    we need 2 cm players with presence

    mulumbu and kamara types

    that would be my priority
    2cm players awfully wee

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaiserclem View Post
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    Couldnt agree more. Missing the balls through the channels for Kamberi, and McLaren will be looking for the same. Can Hyndman be that player? Time will tell. As said, feel we need at least another central midfielder but also a centre half, as cover due to McGregor’s knee issues, and also a striker/ attacking player to compliment the squad.

    Think Mallan will improve further but maybe needs a few sessions in the gym as was easily shoved off the ball at times but that will come. Will Swanson stay now that he is behind Hyndman too? Hope so as he will have a big part to play.
    I think Swanson s time is almost up mate don't think he's quoted under Lennon at all hasn't even featured when our squad has been wafer thin. I'm disappointed for him but think he will be away by end of window

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    Quote Originally Posted by thebausburst View Post
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    The fact that Hibs have signed Hynadman for 6 months would point to a pre contract for Allan in January (unless he moves to Dons or elsewhere) then I think Hibs would try a small offer to Celtic to buy out last 6 months or wait till summer. I really cant see Allan coming this window, think we need to park that one for now, Lenny more or less confirmed with his ‘that one is for later’ comment a while back.

    In the meantime Mulumbu is the obvious choice IMO been rumoured for a long time and Lenny likes him and has commented in previous pressers. Hibs are obviously also making tentative enquiries around potential availability of Gauld and others. Lenny has stated his wish to bring in another winger but no clear indication who that could be now that Barker has signed for PNE.
    Bang on the money with all of this


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