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    Quote Originally Posted by ballengeich View Post
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    A typically magnanimous Celic fan's perspective with inside financial knowledge included.
    All that guys output is dreadful and clueless. He's a full on spittle on the keyboard zoomer. The Celtic bloggers have shown themselves up to be utterly clueless throughout the whole McGinn transfer saga. From the demented Phil MacGhiollabain who tweeted how McGinn to Sellik was a done deal to the loonies howling about Petrie but this however topped it off for me.
    From CQN

    If you change the teams names around this piece could have come straight from the pen of Jim Traynor at Ibrox. Utterly dripping with entitlement and reeking of succulent lamb. One of the most embarrassing pieces I have read.

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    Don't be confused that's exactly what happened.
    John his agent and his family made the decision of where to go they had a choice but only in extra time so to speak.
    He spoke at length with BR whilst at Villa ( conveniently forgot) by celtic fans.
    Decision was John's hibs did nothing wrong here.
    The fee seems to be the big discussion but you got to believe that it's closer to 4 than 3 and let's not forget Hibs had a duty to St mirren which we carried out in full .

    Quote Originally Posted by DH1875 View Post
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    I'm confused, did we not end up accepting an offer from celtic and it was SJM who turned them down and chose Villa. If there are any bridges to be burnt, how've we burnt them
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    Andy that blog is on a par with sickbag at its finest..

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    They’ve got to learn quickly. Inconsistency won’t be tolerated. It’s not acceptable for a club of this standard..” - Neil Lennon 9 June 2016

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    Business is business. If Hibs put a bid in for Griffiths about £1m under Celtic’s valuation they wouldn’t accept it. Don’t see why this has to alter professional relationships between the two clubs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SouthsideHarp_Bhoy View Post
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    I think fans on both sides are just thinking like fans.

    There are no bridges - Hibs and Celtic have done lots of business lately because it has suited us both. It wasn't philanthropy.

    Lawell, Petrie at al don't think or behave like fans- that is both a strength and a weakness for them.

    Ultimately if they want to offload allan, they won't really care where he goes.

    And from all the reports, we accepted their final bid - so what would they be annoyed about?

    Business will be done against between Hibs and Celtic when it suits us both to do it. Be it tomorrow, next week or next year.

    Allan also costs Celtic around 500k a year in wages - no CEO would be doing their job properly if they saddled their club with that cost when they didn't want to or need to, but to spite Hibs for a supposed slight.

    Good post!

    The thread title should have read: “Have Celtic burned their bridges with Hibs?”

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    Celtic have more to worry about than Hibs. If they don’t back Rogers they could completely self sabotage their 10 in a row plans and give the Huns and Gerard (to say nothing of us and A’deen) a massive initiative handing boost. A Lawell appointment of Delia class would do it in completing the ‘snatching decline from the jaws of dominance’ cycle.

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    Probably discussed elsewhere on the forum but neither Christie nor Allan could make the Celtic bench today.

    Both of them have proved in the past just how much better they are than any of the Jambo mob and would quite easily have ripped them apart today.

    I would take one, or both, on loan or straight purchase right now.

    Instead of whining about lack of action from his Board Mr Rogers would be better advised to pick his best players.

    I think he is under pressure.


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