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    Címon you Hibees

    13,000 plus letís get it up to 15,000, this club deserves it, Iíve been supporting them for 60 odd years, itís up there with the best Iíve seen, two great signings, more to come, we know for sure this manager is a winner, back him to the hilt, have faith in him and the board, itís special, be part of it, letís challenge for more than just being in the top four, letís give it a shot, letís put this club and itís supporters where we should be, we have the team, we need the backing. GGTTH

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    Nice though. but 15,000 is unlikely to say the least Ö.. ye gods, if we hit 14,000 it will be an incredible achievement and more than we could have hoped for even in our wildest dreams three years ago.

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    I agree. 14k would be phenominal but could be done. If we continue progressing on the park then 15k could be achievable in a few years. Who would have thought one day we'd be on over 13k in late June a few years back? Incredible.


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