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    Sexual harassment accusations vs Morgan Freeman


    Just watched this video on the sexual harassment accusations against Morgan Freeman.

    Some of the claims are serious however watch from 4 minutes 10 seconds, is this woman having a laugh?

    Essentially what happens is the below during an interview,

    Michael Caine: Once I congratulated a woman on being pregnant and she wasn't.

    Morgan Freeman: Boy do I wish I was there.

    Now because he has said this while looking at the interviewer it's a "sexually charged comment" .

    Do these women not realise that by screaming accusations left right and centre over every trivial thing they create a heap of doubt over actual victims of sexual harassment?

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    Just to put the cat among the pigeons, it'll be interesting to see the public reaction if a man charges a woman for 'coming on to him' from her dressing provocatively and purring.

    As with everything today, from this frivolous accusation to Brexit to N.Korea to US mass shootings, etc, etc, I'm convinced the world is totally screwed up.
    God (if there is one) help mankind.


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