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Thread: George Best

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    It was amazing to have a guy playing for Hibs who had been arguably the world's best player just a few years earlier. It was just do exciting having George Best playing for Hibs. He was the worlds sexiedt player and he was playing in the worlds sexiest strip. I still remember how excited I was travelling to Love Street to see his first game, still remember the crowd against Partick, still remember his goal against celtic, still remember how he genuinely was two or three steps ahead of everyone else in thought at least. It must have been incredible to have seen him in his prime.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonnyboy View Post
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    I think it's fair to say that it was great going along to watch him which is slightly different from him being great when you went along to watch him

    The excitement around the club at that time was fantastic and though he'd clearly seen better days I loved every second of watching him in a Hibs strip
    You're spot on. The excitement was absolutely intense.

    Of course he was past his sell-by date. Let's be honest he wouldn't have been anywhere near Hibs if he had been close to his best. But you still got a sense of his quality. His touch was immaculate, although funnily enough what I remember about him most vividly was that trick he had to beat a man without actually touching the ball. Spooky how he did it!

    Great guy, but terribly flawed. But when you bring so much joy to people's lives you don't have to apologise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by G B Young View Post
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    He shows exceptionally quick feet to win the early penalty here. Missed by Macleod (tho hard to see if it was over the line or not):

    An 6 footer Higgins rose to 5 foot ten and got out jumped for the header

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    the only time id seen George Best play was when he played for Northern Ireland at Hampden.

    I used to travel though with a pal of mine just to see him play, he was some player and miles beyond anyone on the field.

    We took my son through to St Mirren for George's 1st game for Hibs my son being only 2yrs old cant remember seeing him! The joys of parenthood in one!

    When he came to Hibs it was a huge uplift for the fans who had been put through an awful season.

    He was not in prime physical condition but the footballing brain was still there and he made tha ball do all the work.

    I watched him against Rangers one day and he hardly broke sweat. A subtle drop of the shoulder and a few nutmegs took him through practically the whole Rangers team.

    He was so far ahead of any of them.

    A sheer genius to his trade who perhaps was the first footballing superstar before we had ever heard of them.

    Another great talent lost too soon.


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