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Thread: Escape Rooms

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    Quote Originally Posted by FitbaFolkKen View Post
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    Nottingham has some amazing rooms as does Derby if you are looking to do it as part of a day out and possibly play multiple games in one day.

    It's good fun creating new rooms, I think the Magic Emporium which will be in Morrison Street will be our best room to date. Although The Experiment and Houdini's Workshop in St Colme Street are both new rooms and I really like them.

    They are definitely a step up compared to our Haymarket branch, which is next on the list for a revamp.

    If we are looking for groups to test I'll drop a post in here :) - likely be the last week of May.
    Much obliged. I've done a couple of "beta" tests for a few of the rooms down in London, so I'm well versed at the review/reporting structure. Definitely happy to help if you need it.

    I'm down in London in July, so my mate and I are contemplating the ones at your Shadwell location (he's done the ones at Shephard's Bush)

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    Reminded me to use a black friday voucher I bought! Booked in to The Bunker one at end of June.


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