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    Quote Originally Posted by Sylar View Post
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    I took my boss (who'd never been to SF) a bit of a whistle stop tour yesterday around the city when we were up visiting from Palo Alto. I deliberately avoided Market etc, but he was staggered by how bad it was in the 'tourist' areas.

    We encountered some absolutely gone individuals, including a couple (?) wearing tin foil hats (genuinely), with one of them licking the wall of the building and the other guy down on all fours licking the pavement yelling at her to "make sure it's clean"...it sounds like I'm trying to be humerous with that anecdote, but I'm absolutely not. The funny incident was when we were walking along Embarcadero, and some guy rollerbladed past us wearing nothing but a top hat and a small sock-like pouch covering his Johnson...

    I think you're correct that the weather is undoubtedly a factor. I've heard the stories about the one-way bus tickets too - quite a sad state of affairs all around.
    What you saw sounds scary and I have seen some unusual things myself. There are a lot of homeless who should be in supervised care but for the reasons you mentioned before it isn't available. The rest of the homeless are from varying circumstances but a lot are not sick or addicted and I see folk with kids who look absolutely normal. To be honest, I think it is way worse than what we see traveling about our day. In LA we have one of the worst problems and it's not going to stop until they come up with some solutions. Maybe providing the addicts with free booze and drugs in some large dormitory with entertainment and medical facilities in a remote area. Any homeless person should be provided with access to shelter, toilet facilities and medical clinic.

    I like this group and met a few people who volunteer http://myfriendsplace.org/who-we-are/ . It's a little ray of hope for some of the young homeless.

    LA should release a few gang members from jail and bus them back to where our homeless get sent from.

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    No idea about San Francisco but the amount of homeless people in Hawaii is mental and a lot of these people do seem to have drug or mental health issues. Reason I'm bringing this up is that we were told that a lot of other States dump these guys in Hawaii and pay to FLY them there. We thought that was made up but upon reading that they dump people in California, who knows.

    As a side note, surprised to read about Glasgow. I walk between Queen St and Central station most mornings and see dozens of people begging and sleeping rough every day.


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