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Thread: Golf 2018

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    Quote Originally Posted by frazeHFC View Post
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    The US Open has been crazy today. Greens verging on impossible, Mickelson happily taking a 2 shot penalty putting a moving ball, and those pesky American fans upping the anti in their dickish behaviour.

    Mon Rose tomorrow!

    But for me, (and aided by a few drams) it made for a great night's viewing .

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    I can't believe how candid Mickelson was about it - he dug himself a hole by being so honest about his reasons for doing it.

    He could have apologised and passed it off as being a lapse in concentration or frustration but to make it sound so cold and calculated really wasn't within the spirit of golf at all.

    Crazy day yesterday, I can't say I enjoyed it. You want to see a tough challenge but a fair one - players were hitting decent shots and being punished, and it was becoming a lottery.

    The vast majority of the time our Open provides a decent honest test and all players are treated with respect - therefore it's miles ahead of the US Open imo.

    It's still pretty fascinating though and if they calm the greens down a bit and place the pins in better positions then it could be much fairer (as the first 2 days were).

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    Two opens in a row. Quite rare. I'm thinking Hale Irwin and Curtis Strange. I may be wrong.


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