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Too many stories to tell really, but I remember one game on the parks at Milton Road where the school now is, an Austin 1100 Blue and white Panda car drove up on the grass from the golf course end right up the side and across the grass before stopping beside one of the pitches, two cops jumped out, the game stopped and a guy playing in a blue and white hooped strip did a runner off the pitch right through one of the holes that were always in the railing and disappeared over the road the with cops in hot pursuit.

Another pub game I was involved in was stopped by the referee and all the players were required to help the goalkeeper find his false teeth!

At the Jack Kane pitches one of our guys was tripped up by a spectator, jumped straight back up and punched him before chaos descended, it was like a scene from an old wild west film. Match abandoned.
When I played for my Uni down in England, we had a new First year player join the team who was a good looking lad and spent hours on his appearance, we ended up nicknaming him "catalogue model" or "catmod" for short. As a laugh we arranged for a group of girls on the sidelines to throw knickers on the pitch and scream when he ran past them. Funniest thing was he immediately tripped on the knickers, fell awkwardly and broke his wrist !

Another time when I played pub football we were playing a local village team, our left back and their right winger were getting more and more wound up by each other and after a particularly late challenge by our left back, the winger gets up and headbutts him full in the face. He went down in a heap, blood everywhere looking pretty bad and the Ref immediately shouted out asking if there was a doctor or a medic around, the opposing team all start pissing themselves... at which point the winger admitted he is the village doctor and proceeded to patch him up !